We assist you in covering for potential risks such as Death, Disability, Trauma, and Accidental Injury.
  • Life Cover This provides a payout to dependants upon the death of the insured person.
  • Dread Disease, Critical illness/ Trauma Cover Critical illness/ Trauma Cover that falls due when a person is
    diagnosed within a scope of certain Dread Diseases.
  • Disability Cover Covers a person in the event that he or she should become disabled and is unable to work. Cover can range from a lump sum payout or a monthly income.
  • Income Protection Cover Provides an income in the event that a person is unable to work either temporarily or permanently, due to serious illness or injury.
  • Funeral Cover These are considered essential policies, that pay for the cost of a funeral and other related funeral expenses.
We assist you in attaining your financial goals such as a planned trip overseas, Child Education Fees or even a down payment on a car or house.
  • Unit Trust Investments Unit Trust Investments are a form of investment that is lower in cost, but carry a higher rate of risk. The rate of return can equally be higher, but this is also dependant on what funds are chosen. Unit Trust funds invest in various different companies both locally and offshore. Unit trusts offer more exibility when it comes to accessing money.
  • Endowments Endowments are usually for people who wish to save for a period of 5 years or longer, and are best suited for growing and building capital without withdrawals from the fund. Access to money is limited.
  • Tax Free Investments Tax-Free Investments are investments that work like both endowments and unit trusts. It is built into an Endowment type plan but you have easier access to the money when you need it. There is a limit on the maximum amount allowed during the course of a year and the life time of all tax free products in a person’s name.
We offer comprehensive and effective retirement planning to help you reach your retirement goals.
Pre Retirement
  • Pension Funds These funds with certain tax incentives and bene ts, that are used by employers and employees in order to save for retirement.
  • Provident Funds A Provident fund is another Investment whereby an employer and employee save for employee’s retirement.
  • Retirement Annuity This is a Retirement saving vehicle used by individuals to save for their retirement over and above their Pension and Provident schemes or in the event the person does not have any other Retirement savings.
Post Retirement
  • Living Annuity An investment with the purpose of providing an income during a person’s retirement years. Investors can draw any level of income between legally de ned limits, currently set at a minimum of 2.5% and a maximum of 17.5% per annum, received monthly and bequest any unused assets to chosen bene ciaries at death. The duration of the annuity depends upon the amount invested and the percentage drawn per annum.
  • Life Annuity This is also an Investment with the purpose of providing an income during the person’s retirement years. The investor pays an upfront premium in exchange for a guaranteed xed or growing annual income payable to for life. An income will be paid however long the investor may live, but once the annuity is bought, the capital spent on its purchase is no longer part of your estate.
We can also assist you in the drafting of Wills and drawing up detailed Estate Plans.
  • Detailed Estate Plans We will design detailed Estate Plans around your personal circumstances.
  • Drafting Wills We offer a Will service to our clients. We will draft the Will dependant on your personal choices.
We offer you various different options that help you get the Medical Care needed when you need it.
  • Medical Aid
  • Gap Cover
  • Medical Insurance
We offer business solutions that give you peace of mind in knowing that should you suffer trauma, illness or death, your business will continue to operate and grow.
  • Business Overhead Expenses Cover
  • Key person Cover
  • Buy and Sell Cover
  • Business Contingency Cover